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When we were planning our trip, I used to dream about how we would fall in love with a place and the luxury of extending our stay would be possible. How often do you visit somewhere and wish you could stay longer? All the time, I know. An Bang Beach was one of those places for us. It all started out so innocently with a two-night stay and at the end, we were there for seven nights - one of our longest visits in the whole trip. An Bang Beach is located right in Hoi An, a little under 4m from the UNESCO Heritage center. It is the perfect complement to the hustle and bustle of the old town. Of course, we stayed in Hoi An for four nights and it was glorious but An Bang will always have a piece of our hearts. 

I need to say that An Bang is by no means a replacement of Hoi An. I absolutely suggest that you spend some time in Hoi An but you should also spend some time in An Bang properly. While many come for the day, there are so many reasons why staying in An Bang for a few days is worth it. So let’s get into it already! Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to stay here:


#1 It’s Affordable

Alright, so let’s face it. Money is a huge factor when it comes to traveling. I know what you’re thinking. This is a beach town - aren’t most beach locations super expensive? Not here! Regarding accommodations, you get way more bang for your buck here. You might pay very similar costs but you can get a 4+ star room filled with the most instagrammable furniture and decor and fantastic service, amenities, and location. 

The food is also cheaper than the obviously populated areas of Hoi An. We probably never spent more than $25 every day for food and beverage. For a list of our favorite restaurants, check out our listing at the bottom. If you come to the beach and you would like an umbrella and lounge chair, it’ll ring up to about $1 per person. If you’re on a budget, I would even suggest staying in An Bang entirely and making small trips to Hoi An via bicycle, motorbike, or taxi. 



#2 You can have the best of both worlds here. 

On that note, it’s super easy to go back and forth into town. There were a few occasions where we needed to go into town for a few errands. We aren’t comfortable riding the motorbikes so we took a cab into town and fare will be about $3. When you’re staying in a small beach town like An Bang, it’s nice to hop into town for a different atmosphere or a new cuisine. Avery and I decided to check out a greek restaurant one night for something new and we made it into date night. I put mascara on and everything, guys. 



#3 The Homestays are the best

Sometimes, traveling for 6 months when you’re not a millionaire will bring you to a hostel or homestay from time to time. We’ve had our share for sure and An Bang has our favorite homestays in the world. Even if they built a glorious Four Seasons with a 95% off sale, we would’ve still picked a homestay. In a place like this, you want to be absorbed into the community and a homestay is the perfect way to do that. The host families are so kind and so eager to please you as their customer.

We stayed in three different homestays in An Bang. Because we kept changing our schedule so often and the homestay kept booking up, we were left hopping around. But this ended up being really fun because we got to stay at so many homestays on the same main road here. Our favorite was Vina Beach Pool Villas with the most comfortable beds and beautiful decor. We loved Local Beach Homestay for its proximity to the beach, and their dog, Lucky. Red Flower Cottage had excellent location, right next to one of our favorite restaurants, The Sea Shell. 



#4 There is a sense of community here

I mentioned the community earlier with the homestays. The combination of the small town, the number of expats in Hoi An, and the beach vibes here create a really unique atmosphere for travelers. The owner of one of our favorite restaurants, Felina Cantina, is a super nice guy from California. His friends that live in the area are a mix of Californians, Australians, New Yorkers, and English. We knew some of his friends already from visiting The Sleepy Gecko in Cam Nam where most of them work. We never exchanged contact information but we saw this crew every day at Felina Cantina. Hoi An is really a small town so you tend to bump into everyone everywhere. 



#5 There’s something for everyone

Sometimes, you visit a beach and it’s either super busy or it's challenging because renting a lounge chair is expensive or there just aren’t any lounge chairs to be found. At An Bang Beach, there is a range of, what I like to call, beach lifestyle. Do you like to be next to the bar with some atmosphere? Or do you like to be off to the side where it’s just you and 5 other couples? Or do you like be the only one lying on a towel with your book? An Bang has it all. If you want more of a vibe, check out the beach area by Soul Kitchen. If you want more a chill vibe, check out the beach by Local Beach Homestay. If you want something more solo, take the same entrance and go farther out to the left. You can get drinks and food at all the chairs and they all come with an umbrella. 



Favorite Restaurants

Felina Cantina (Mexican): one of our favorite cuisines is Mexican and there’s not much of it in SE Asia so it’s really refreshing finding a restaurant that serves very good tacos. Get the pork tacos - they are delicious!

The Sea Shell (Modern Asian): A famous and popular chef, Phuc, opens his second restaurant here at this location. The decor is beautiful at the restaurant and sitting outside has a very romantic atmosphere. Order the steam buns!

Cay Me (Vietnamese): For a homey feel with traditional Vietnamese dishes, Cay Me is my favorite. There are two locations, Cay Me and Cay Me 2 (which is not as good). The fresh spring rolls with shrimp are absolutely delicious - and some of the best I’ve had in Vietnam. I think it’s the mango slices and the crunchy carrot combo that make it so perfect. 

Soul Kitchen (Vietnamese/Western): This place is really nice for its views and atmosphere. While the food is okay, the coffee is super delicious. It’s great place for a drink!



  • There is one ATM in the area and the max you can take out is 2M dong. When you need to pay the homestay by cash, this money can move quickly. If you come to An Bang, make sure you stop at an ATM in Hoi An ancient town before heading over. 
  • Like the rest of Vietnam, sometimes there are weddings here. And the Vietnamese really like to party so you might get loud music here and there. But the Vietnamese go to bed early so they can wake up early to work. I was asleep by 10PM and up at 8AM and was perfectly fine. 
  • The electricity is very consistent here compared to Hoi An ancient town. There was only one night where the power went out for 20 minutes. I think our worst experience without power was in Cambodia for 4 hours. 
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