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My Favorite Spots in Venice

I love visiting LA - and when I do, I have to stop and mosey around Venice. I’ve gone back and forth a lot about where I would live in LA, but I’ve officially landed on Venice. (I know, you guys have been waiting so patiently to hear my final answer). It has the best vibe, the best people, and the community cares a lot about an authenticity. In LA, there's a neighborhood for everyone but I really connect soul and spirit with Venice. Regardless of who you are, you gotta check out what Venice has to offer. 

So, on that note, here are my favorite spots in Venice: coffee, noms, and even shopping.



Flowerboy Project - A 3-in-1 store that combines a café, a florist, and a boutique shop all in one? I’m in! The store owner, Sean Knibb, was inspired by his grandmother’s flower shop in Jamaica, NY. In bodegas, you can hop in buy some groceries and flowers and go. I love the way Knibb explains the lifestyle shop: “the store is really a patchwork of places and people, high and low”. This is really representative of Venice culture and I think it’s utter perfection.



The Butcher's Daughter - This is your classic brunch spot in the trendy street of Abbot Kinney. The decor is awe-inspiring and the vegetarian menu matches back to the clean, California aesthetic. Every dish is plated so beautiful for that perfect insta-moment. I ordered the Acai Bowl and my dad ordered the avocado toast with egg. If you can, grab a spot outside - especially if you love people/dog watching. 


La Playita - When I think of Southern California, I think of the warm weather and the delicious, hole-in-the-wall taco joints. I can’t go to LA without having my taco craving filled. I love La Playita for its authentic, down-to-earth vibe and extremely tasty tacos. Best part? It’s super wallet-friendly. This cash-only stand serves tacos from $1.50 so you can easily fill up your belly without breaking your budget. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb because all the customers seem to be regulars. But those are my favorite type of places. 



I’m not the biggest shopper but in Venice, I want to buy everything. The product in these stores are expensive but man do they give me the feels. If you're looking for inspo, this is it. 

LCD - Focused on apparel, accessories, beauty, and some home decor, this store is everything. I’d say if I could have a boutique store, this fits me 100%. My favorite part is the outdoor area filled with all different types of plants, pots, and hanging pieces. Also, I have a serious weakness for accessories and jewelry. And their merchandise and selection is 100% on effing point. Go there. FYI, I'm happy to accept early Christmas presents this year. 


General Store - Very similar to Byron’s Bay shop, its speciality is home decor with apparel. I absolutely love the way they merchandise the store. The plants here are stunning. They also have a super sweet jewelry collection here. I was super close to buying these gray marble, hexagon-shaped trivet. If you don't have time to go to the store itself, make sure to check out their website. Design and UX wise, it's pretty dope. 


Tradesmen Los Angeles - This is one of my favorite menswear shops. I absolutely love shopping in mens' stores. As someone who used to work in the fashion industry, I always believes mens had better vintage tees and graphic design tees. Not sure why - but I love finding them in stores like these and rocking them with jean shorts or skinnies. 

 Photo by @tradesmenla

Photo by @tradesmenla



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